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Applying for Letters of Administration Malaysia and will writing Malaysia? Chang Law Chambers is a top Malaysia's Law firm for will writing Malaysia, letters of administration Malaysia. At Chang Law Chambers, we equipped to advise you and assist in writing your last will, and to assist you to obtain a grant of probate or letters of administration Malaysia. Find legal, will writing, letters of administration information for Malaysia at Chang Law Chamber Malaysia.

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Family Law

We are able to assist with a range of family law issues including divorce, declarations (recognition of a foreign divorce as valid in Malaysia), annulments, pre-nuptial agreements and adoption.

Here at Chang Law Chambers, we advocate the use of mediation and collaborative practice to resolve family disputes. We believe that this gives parties more control over the outcome and is key to a lasting and amicable settlement.

Disputes within families often involve children, properties, finances and personal matters and are very emotional for all parties involved. Given the private and sensitive nature of such disputes, there are major advantages to avoiding litigation.

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Will Writing & Estate Planning

At Chang Law Chambers, we believe that estate planning should be considered holistically, to ensure smooth transitions. Our services in this area include will writing, advance medical directives, obtaining grants of probate, letters of administration and power of attorneys. We believe that all of these should be considered together to make sure your wishes will be carried out as you intended.

A will is a powerful and useful instrument in estate planning. It allows you to determine many important issues including who will look after your children if you pass away before they reach adulthood, who and how they will inherit your assets and who will be responsible for administering your estate. A will would also help reduce the likelihood of disputes between potential beneficiaries. It is vital that your will is properly drafted and complies with all the necessary formalities to ensure that it will be enforceable.

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Malaysian Mediation for Family Law Services | Best Mediator Malaysia

Find Mediator lawyers in Malaysia for your family to help you with your mediation cases in Malaysia. We are the best mediator in Malaysia for your family law services, best mediator for divorce, and family mediation.

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Living Wills / Advance Medical Directives

An advanced medical directive, also known as a ‘living will’ is a written document setting out your wishes for your medical and healthcare should you lose the capacity to make those decisions yourself. While there is no legislation in Malaysia specifically dealing with such documents and no guarantee that the courts will enforce it, there are still many advantages to advanced medical directives. As per the Malaysia Medical Council guidelines, where a medical practitioner is aware that the patient has an advanced medical directive, he should refrain from providing treatment or performing any procedure where there is an unequivocal written directive by the patient that such treatment or procedure is not to be provided in the circumstances.

The advantages of having an advanced medical directive is that it informs your health care providers and next of kin of how you wish to be taken care should you become incapacitated, and would thus provide them with more confidence and guidance in making a difficult and emotional choice. Having such a document would also reduce the disputes of your care between family members and ease their burden on making such decisions.   

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Probate & Letters of Administration Malaysia

In order to administer the estate of a deceased person, the deceased’s personal representative (i.e. his executor(s) or administrator(s)) will first have to obtain an order from the high court granting him the grant of probate or grant of letters of administration.

‘Probate’ is the process utilized when the deceased passed away living a will behind, while ‘letters of administration’ is used when the deceased did not have a will.

We understand that it is an especially difficult time for families upon the passing of a loved one. We seek to ease your burden at such a time, and are able to assist in obtaining grants of probate/letters of administration efficiently and without delay.

We are also aware that there are many things that need to be done upon the death of a loved one, and that it is a stressful and busy time in addition to being emotional. To assist you further, we are able to lighten your load by helping with several tasks including applying for dispensation of sureties in relation to letters of administration, obtaining an extract of the death certificate from JPN for purposes of the probate/letters of administration hearing and obtaining certified true copies of the grant from the high court among other services. If you are unable to attend the hearing, we can also assist with providing a power of attorney for you to execute in favour of us so that we may attend the hearing on your behalf.

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The aim of mediation is to help parties reach an amicable settlement to a dispute. At Chang Law Chambers, we are especially familiar and experienced with family disputes such as divorce, child custody and division of assets.

Mediation is an entirely voluntary and confidential process. The role of the mediator is to facilitate communication between disputing parties. A mediator is neutral and impartial, and will not decide the matter for the parties – parties should ultimately decide on their own agreement with the help of the mediator. A mediator is particularly helpful in emotionally charged disputes such as family disputes, as partners in a deteriorating relationship often find it difficult to communicate calmly and effectively. A mediator can help focus the aim of the process, and provide suggestions and help parties see things from a different perspective.

Mediation is also much faster and cheaper than litigation, and where disputes involve family matters, the court often encourages parties to attempt mediation.

At Chang Law Chambers, we are able to provide a qualified and accredited mediator who is also experienced in family law. We are also mindful of the sensitive nature of such disputes, and carry out such services with care and professionalism.

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