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At Chang Law Chambers, we accept that home arranging ought to be considered comprehensively, to guarantee smooth advances. Our administrations around there incorporate will writing in Malaysia, advance clinical mandates, getting awards of probate, letters of administration Malaysia and intensity of lawyers.


We accept that these ought to be viewed as together to ensure your desires will be done as you proposed. 

Will Writing in Malaysia 


Will writing is an amazing and valuable instrument in bequest arranging. It permits you to decide numerous significant issues including who will take care of your youngsters in the event that you die before they arrive at adulthood, who and how they will acquire your benefits and who will be answerable for overseeing your domain.


Will Writing in Malaysia 

Will writing in Malaysia would likewise help decrease the probability of questions between possible recipients. It is fundamental that your will is appropriately drafted and conforms to all the important conventions to guarantee that it will be enforceable. 

In the event that you are keen on causing will writing, to please connect with us to organize a conference.

A Will speaks to your obligation to your friends and family, guaranteeing that your home will be genuinely disseminated and as per your desires. 

On the off chance that you pass on without leaving a legitimate Will (bite the dust 'intestate'), your domain may not be conveyed to your expected recipients. 

Your bequest envelops resources, for example, immoveable property (house, structures) and moveable resources (vehicle, shares, speculations and so on). 

On the off chance that you have a Will (pass on 'testate'), the selected Executor will circulate your advantages according to your last Will and Testament. 


  • A Will writing becomes effective just upon your destruction. 

  • Any individual over 18 and of sound psyche can make a Will. 

  • The Executor is the association or individual who will guarantee your desires are being satisfied to your determinations. 

  • The Executor is liable for doing the entire procedure of your Testate Administration. 

  • A very much organized Will guarantees the interests of your beneficiaries are protected, ensured and safeguarded in an expert way. 

  • Will writing in Malaysia permits you to delegate a dependable gatekeeper to help ensure the government assistance and interests of your youngsters particularly minors and the handicapped after your downfall.